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A Message From Paul

Having grown up in Steinbach from a young boy in a town to raising a family in this city, its been great to watch us grow. I remember biking on open fields between Southward Dr. and the water tower, I enjoyed swimming in the creek on Elmdale Dr. after a rain storm, I  walked to my piano lessons and even played baseball at the old fairgrounds.  I have so many great memories of being a child here and I’m still making memories here as an adult with family and friends because I LOVE STEINBACH! There is no better place to be from or to live in and it’s why we choose to live here.

My journey in business and being involved in our community has been a huge blessing. The friendships that I have made through these connections are incredible and I want to say, “THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE AND FOR SHOWING YOUR SUPPORT!”  I want to give back to the community. After careful consideration, I have decided, together with my family, that I would run for Mayor and if elected, have the privilege of serving our community in this way. 

My priorities are the following:

  • keep our taxes affordable,
  • ensure our city infrastructure continues to meet our needs,
  • provide an affordable multiplex,
  • keep our city safe,
  • attract quality manufacturing jobs to our city,
  • keep our youth interested in living in Steinbach and
  • listen to the community.

- Paul

Leading the Way

About Paul

Paul Neustaedter: Paul operates the family business of Steinbach Trailers & RV, and is past President and owner of three car dealerships. He graduated from Red River College with a Business Administration Diploma; majors in Marketing and Business Management. Paul also enjoys working as a business consultant and he volunteers in many capacities. His past and present involvements include; Steinbach Chamber of Commerce President, National Dealer Council of Chrysler Canada, Leasing Advisory Board Scotiabank, President of the Steinbach Auto Dealers Association, Chairman of a Performance Group, Briercrest Schools Advisory Board, President of the A.D. Penner Family Foundation and Vice-Chairman of Haggai Institute Leadership training. He is an Equip Leadership Certified Trainer and a volunteer speaker with Leader Impact and Marketplace Leaders. He has also volunteered as a coach for a local softball team. The Steinbach Chamber of Commerce noted his overall community involvement by awarding him the Outstanding Community Service Award. 

Paul and his wife Mary Jane have enjoyed a beautiful marriage for 29 years and he is the proud father of three adult children. Paul’s faith, determination and commitment to serve and grow have made him a valuable contributor in all of his involvements.

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